Forensics and Consultancy Technical Advice and ELI5

Estimated fees are provided after an initial free consultation, but are typically £120 per hour. This includes a detailed forensic analysis of the evidence provided and the preparation of a report that sets out the basis of the analysis and the conclusions that have been obtained. The report will be compliant with the Ministry of Justice Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 and Criminal Procedure Rules Part 33.

All technical advice and ELI5 has a flat rate of £25 per hour, including any research required and the knowledge transfer, with a minimum charge of 1 hour. Note that this does not include any type of forensic work or the preparation of any reports, and will not be suitable for use in any type of legal context. There will be no charge if, after an initial research period, we feel that we cannot provide the technical advice required.

Portable Appliance Testing / PAT Testing

Prices include VAT. Combined bookings for multiple companies at the same venue are welcome.

  • PAT Testing callout: £30.00. This includes:
    • PAT Testing of first £22.00 worth of items at no extra cost
      • Each PAT Testable item: £1.10 per item
      • Mains plug replacements (were required): Free / £2.00 each for "Tough" plug upgrade
      • Mains socket checks (optional): £0.50 per socket
      • Minor repairs, where possible: Free
    • Pass/Fail labels for each item tested
    • Printed Certificate (if required)
    • Emailed PDF Certificate
    • Emailed PDF Spreadsheet of full test results of every item tested

For all types of work, payments are to be completed within 28 days, unless by prior agreement.